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where to buy raclette cheese in manila

Where to Buy Raclette Cheese in Manila

Clueless as to where to buy raclette cheese in Manila? Lemme help you out. But first, I want to share what raclette really is.

What is Raclette?

Raclette is a semi-hard cheese that originated in Switzerland, in the region of Valais.

According to one legend, a winemaker from Valais invented the raclette. It happened one cold day when he warmed cheese over a wood fire and enjoyed the melted cheese.

Raclette is usually made from fresh milk of cows that have grazed on alpine pastures. But if you Google around, you’ll discover some cheesemakers are also making raclette from goat’s milk.

It comes in wheels, usually weighing 6 kg.

Meltability is an important property of raclette cheese. That’s why you’d often find raclette served melted over something. Or used in fondue.

I learned from that raclette is traditionally melted over a wood or charcoal fire and served with potatoes and a sparkling glass of Fendant.

where to buy raclette cheese in manila

The modern version of a cheese melter is what we now see in hotels, restaurants and lately, in pop-up stores. It can hold 1/2 of a wheel or 1/2 of a block.

It’s basically a sturdy base that supports the raclette holder, and the quartz light mechanism that melts the cheese.

Where to Buy Raclette Cheese in Manila

Catch any of the pop-up events of

Buy your own li’l wedge of raclette cheese, per 100g or a kilo!

Are you somewhere in the south? Get your raclette fix from The Grill at BF Homes Paranaque or check out Kehl’s Swiss-Italian Restaurant (btw, this used to be Swiss Deli)

If you’re a northerner, visit Cheese-o-holic at The Station Maginhawa in Quezon City

Too laaaazy to go out? Buy raclette online at 

Want a traditional raclette in a Swiss resto setting? Go to Chesa Bianca Swiss and order their Walliser Raclette. If you’re an extreme cheese-o-holic, catch their Raclette-All-You-Can every Thursday and Friday 7 pm onwards for only P990.00

Or go to Old Swiss Inn — classic!

If you’re in Quezon City, go to the Open Kitchen Food Park at P. Tuazon, Cubao and enjoy raclette at Mr. Raclette Melted Cheese at the 2nd level.

In the mood for a road trip? Vieux Chalet in Antipolo is calling you for some cheesy escapades with your beloved <3

Do you know other raclette places in your neighborhood? Tell us so we can include on our list!


Where to Buy Raclette Grill in Manila


Wanna throw a private raclette party at home instead? You can buy your own raclette grill such as this one by Oster Philippines, available at Lazada (subject to availability).

where to buy raclette cheese in manila


Another option is to buy a raclette grill from Anson’s Online Store. 

They sell raclette grills made by Severin, available in 2 models.

Raclette Cheese Substitute

Here’s are some cheeses if you’re looking for a raclette cheese substitute.

  • Gruyere
  • Emmental
  • Appenzeller
  • Fontina


By the way, a special THANK YOU to Heidi of for sharing some amazing stuff about raclette.

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