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Cheesy Korean Dishes Manila

If you’re a self-confessed cheese lover, and absolutely crazy about Korean food (and maybe K-drama too?) this post is for you. Here are some cheesy Korean dishes in Manila to try this weekend.

Ready to seduce your appetite? Read on.

I’m fond of making lists. I’ve been using Evernotemy second brain since 2011, and I have a folder exclusively for cheeses.

In that folder, I list down cheesy Korean dishes that I spot around Metro Manila. The list keeps growing and at times it’s hard to catch up and try them all.

Here are some of those dishes and where you can find them:

Chicken Cheese Fondue

First of all, you can get this Chicken Cheese Fondue at Kko Kko, a modern Korean chicken house owned by Grace Lee and her mom. It’s one of those Korean spots that really serve cheesy Korean dishes in Manila.

Like any fondue, it’s basically melted cheese in a bread bowl, served with spicy potato wedges, homemade onion rings, and boneless chicken chunks.

It takes about 20 minutes for them to prepare this dish, so make sure you order something to tide your hunger. Or something to distract you from waiting.

A half order is P658.00 and P958.00 for the whole.

You can also order Boneless Cheese Melt, which are chicken thighs tossed in a Yang Nyum sauce of your choice and topped with melted cheese.  Half order is P308.00, whole P498.00

Cheese jjimdak (치즈찜닭)

Next, we have Cheese Jjimdak (치즈찜닭), braised chicken and vegetables with cheese and a special sauce of Bongchu. Jjimdak is a Korean dish that’s traditionally from Andong.

Serving size is huge! I ordered half order and it’s still enough for 2 to 4 persons. But of course, it depends on your appetite.

Bongchu Express is located at the Blue Way Walk along Macapagal Avenue in Pasay City.

cheesy korean dishes in manila

 Cheese Sizzlers – Dak-Galbi (닭갈비), Bulgogi Ribs (불고기 갈비), Maeun Haemul Bokkeum (매운 해물 볶음), Galbi Jim (갈비짐)

Nikuya Charcoal Grill & Shabu Shabu is a first Korean BBQ & Japanese Hotpot restaurant in Manila. You’ll find it at the Estancia Mall at Capitol Commons. They have 4 kinds of Cheese Sizzlers: Dak Galbi (chicken), Bulgogi Ribs (pork ribs), Maeun Haemul Bokkeum (seafood), and Galbi Jim (beef ribs).

Volcano Kimchi Fried Rice

While there’s no mention of cheese in the name of the dish, this Volcano Kimchi Fried Rice from Sibyullee Flavors of Seoul is surrounded by a ring of cheese lava.

Dakgogi Cheese BBQ (닭고기 치즈  바베큐)

Also from Sibyullee Flavors of Seoul, you can order their Dakgogi Cheese BBQ (P620.00) – tender marinated chicken with fresh vegetables, rice cakes, and thin slices of potato. But here’s the best part: the layers of melted cheese around them, plus buttered corn, and egg omelet.

Order the Dwaejigogi Cheese BBQ if you prefer pork, or Galbi Cheese BBQ if you’re more of a beef kind of person.

Ra-bokki (라볶이)

Kko Kko also offers Ra-bokki (라볶이), which is a combination of Korean ramen, tteok (rice cakes), odeng (Korean fish cake), white onions, cabbage and (again the best part!) topped with mozzarella cheese.  All these are simmered in a spicy soup cooked on the table (P368.00).

Cheese Deung Galbi (치즈 등갈비)

Deung (등) means back. Galbi (갈비) means rib.

Jin Joo Korean Grill offers Cheese Deung Galbi (P950) at the Sky Garden in SM Aura. It’s that fall-off-the-bone baby back ribs with mozzarella cheese, corn, and steamed egg.

Cheese Buldak (치즈불닭)

Bul (불) means fire. Dak (닭) means chicken. Cheese (치즈) is… well, you know THAT!

Go to Yoree Korean Barbecue Dining with branches at Bonifacio Global City and Molito Alabang. Their version is Spicy Fire Chicken with Mozzarella and Cheddar Cheese (P798) which is good for two.

You can also try Cheese Buldak at Leann’s Tea House in Mother Ignacia, Quezon City.

BUT….if you’re like me who loves to experiment in the kitchen, go to Maangchi and follow her YouTube lessons in Korean cooking. I love Maangchi sooo much I want to be her friend!

You can also get your own Korean style 2-in-1 electric raclette hotpot with grill pan.

Here’s her recipe of Cheese Buldak.

Cheese Bingsu (치즈빙수)

Finally, we reached dessert. Hobing Korean Dessert & Cafe has so many flavors for their bingsu. Needless to say, go for the cheese.

Do you have something to add to these cheesy Korean dishes in Manila? Tell us and we’ll add them to this list.

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