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Cheese Philippines

A Community of Cheese Lovers in the Philippines

Cheese Philippines is the Philippines’ first website dedicated to cheese lovers. If you’re any of these types of cheese lovers, hop in.

  • enthusiasts
  • cheesemakers
  • sellers
  • buyers
  • geeks
  • nerds
  • even just cheese curious ones!


Together, let’s learn more about cheese:


Our Mission

To celebrate and share #CheeseLove in the Philippines


Our Values

As a cheese-lovin’ community, we value:

CURIOSITY: We follow our desire to know more

HUMOR: We see the funny side of life

EXPLORATION: We seek to discover new things

EDUCATION: We learn something new each day

SHARING: We spread the love around us

ENVIRONMENT: We care for our planet


The Beginnings of Cheese Philippines

Cheese Philippines began as a small group of my cheese-loving friends who formed Cheese Lovers Club of the Philippines. That was back in 2008 and exploring cheese was one of our fave activities.

Unfortunately, at that time, there was a dearth of cheese content online that was meant for us Pinoys. There weren’t much accessible cheese events neither.

That’s when I decided to create a Facebook Page where I could share to my friends all the cheese-related stuff I would find. It became our home base but once in a while, we would meet up IRL.

Read our story here when we’re featured in Philippine Daily Inquirer in 2011.

If you’re like us — crazy about cheese — please join us. It’s nice to know we’re not the only ones crazy!


Be Part of Cheese Philippines

Here are 3 ways: