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Community of Cheese Lovers in the Philippines

Cheese Philippines is the Philippines’ first website made especially for cheese lovers. It’s an online platform devoted to the love of cheese.

About Us

We’re a community of cheese lovers, including:

  • enthusiasts
  • cheesemakers
  • sellers
  • buyers
  • geeks
  • nerds
  • even just cheese curious ones!


Explore our website for:

  • blog articles about cheese
  • online shop
  • catalog of Philippine cheeses
  • local cheese events
  • cheese suppliers


Our Belief

Cheese can be fun and shouldn’t be intimidating.


Our Mission

To celebrate and share #CheeseLove in the Philippines


Our Values

As a cheese-loving community, we value:

CURIOSITY: We follow our desire to know more

HUMOR: We see the funny side of life

EXPLORATION: We seek to discover new things

EDUCATION: We learn something new each day

SHARING: We spread the love around us

ENVIRONMENT: We care for our planet


The Story Behind Cheese Philippines

Cheese Philippines began as a small group of my cheese-loving friends who formed Cheese Lovers Club of the Philippines in 2008.

We began as a Facebook Page originally called The Official Cheese Lovers Club of the Philippines. Eventually, I dropped “The Official” since there were no unofficial pages anyway. What was I thinking?!

There exists, however, The Cheese Club of the Philippines. It’s a by-invitation cheese membership club which conducts a monthly tasting at the Manila Polo Club.

You may wonder, but we are not that group. Though I’d love to be invited one day.

Rather, we’re a bunch of cheese lovers whose home base is online and occasionally meet up IRL.

Neither are we a cheese supplier nor a manufacturer.

I get a lot of inquiries via Facebook Messenger. Anything from “where can I buy raclette cheese” to “do you know of any cheese sculptor?” I’m not the cheese almighty, but I can recommend products and services to you.

As food lovers, exploring cheeses is one of our fave activities.

Unfortunately, when we started this passion project, there was a dearth of cheese content online. Especially those meant for us Pinoys. There weren’t that many cheese events neither. Or maybe there were, but we weren’t aware of them.

That’s when I decided to create a Facebook Page. That way, I could share to my friends all the cheese stuff I would stumble upon.

Slowly our community grew as more netizens visited our page and joined us.

On January 20, 2017, National Cheese Lovers Day, we launched our website

The following month, our Cheese Lovers Club PH Facebook Group was born.


In The News

Greenwich Xtreme Cheese Pizzas

One of our earlier gigs slash meet-up was held at a Greenwich store in Salcedo Village, Makati. We cheese tested their Xtreme Cheese Pizzas: Cheesy Bacon Burger Overload, Philly Cheese Steak Overload, and the winner of them all, the 7 Cheese Overload.

You can read the feature at The Philippine Daily Inquirer via


Eastwood City Cheese and Deli Fest


We participated in Eastwood City’s first Cheese and Deli Fest and met many cheese lovers who raved about the cheeses we sampled out.

I prepared a small selection of imported cheeses from Santi’s Delicatessen in Capitol Commons: Brie de Meaux, Cambozola, Emmental, Manchego, Gouda Wasabi, and Brunost.

For a local flavor, I threw in an artisan goat cheese from The Goatary called Talay Bijou. Well, THAT cheese was clearly the standout!

Many enjoyed the mild Emmental and the aged Manchego. The green and brown cheeses were equally intriguing. Others squirmed at the mention of “blue cheese” (Cambozola is a German blue cheese).

My favorite memory from that event: tasters raved about Talay Bijou!

Here’s a snapshot of the “remains”. Didn’t get the chance to take a photo before they were devoured by the cheese lovers!

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Join Cheese Philippines

You may have landed on this page from Facebook. Or you completely stumbled upon this site serendipitously.

Either way, I know you have a thing for cheese.

If you’re like us — crazy about cheese — join us. It’s nice to know we’re not the only ones crazy!

Contact us and connect with fellow cheese lovers.